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Sadie Dog Fund


   Keeping dogs alive and in their homes …                                with the people that love them.


Sadie Dog Fund helps save dogs’ lives by offering financial assistance for surgeries, therapies or mobility solutions that

are too costly for  pet parents.  This is an alternative to ending the dog’s life prematurely or surrendering it to an already over crowded shelter.  We work through veterinarian referrals only.


Sadie Dog Fund works through veterinary referral only.

What would you do if you didn’t have the means to save your family member...your best friend?


Our pets get sick or hurt and depending on the circumstance the cost can exceed hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get them the help they need.


Sadie Dog Fund is an option pet parents can reach out to for help.

Sadie Dog Fund - 2224 Heather Lane - Lincoln, Nebraska 68512~ 501c3 non-profit organization~



Returning U.S. Veteran’s dog needs hip surgery.  Donate (on Donate page)  today to keep Jaxon mobile and free of pain! (Read more on stories page)


Sadie Dog Fund is a Lincoln, NE based 501c3 non profit organization, who helped save the lives of 50 dogs in 2013.  We need your donations to continue helping dogs!